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Provide WPI with responsible and productive work efforts
Participate in learning activities at scheduled times
Complete KOMATSU Foundation, Advanced, Warranty, and Tier 4 online classes
Maintain good work ethics and attendance

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Candidate Qualifications

Candidates must meet the following qualifications in order to be considered for the Trainee Program:

  • 18 Years of age or older

  • High School Graduate or GED

  • Attended and Graduated from a Diesel Program at a Technical School

  • Employed by a WPI Branch

  • Possess a valid driver’s license and maintain an employable driving record

  • Willing to take random drug testing if requested

  • Maintain a good attendance to work as well as to training classes

  • Ability to complete on line training classes as required per deadlines

  • Maintain good grades while in class

  • Positive Attitude

  • Follow all Company and Safety Policies as required by WPI

  • Wear work uniforms, safety glasses, safety toed shoes, and all recommended safety equipment when attending class and working in shop areas.

  • Desire for Advancement and Personal Growth

  • Good communication skills

Program Objective

The need for an in-house formalized “mechanic’s” training program is driven by several factors:

Current and anticipated growth in specific areas of WPI marketable products.

Limited availability of experienced mechanics throughout WPI’s service areas.

Turnover rate of service personnel for various reasons.

Replacements for future retirees

As a result it is imperative that a formal training program be implemented that is structured with the necessary disciplines to ensure that continuity is maintained to properly provide the level of service- skills to meet our business objectives.


What Is A Trainee

A trainee is defined as an employee that possesses the necessary mechanical skills and may have some service related work experience but does not have any knowledge or similar experience with the products we service.  This person will probably be a trade-school graduate that has obtained some basic mechanical abilities but little to no hands-on experience.  This person may have worked as an auto mechanic or similar trade but depending on their experience, may be candidates for this program.

Program Structure

The Trainee Program is a one year program incorporating one week of each month in training and the remaining time allocated for on-the-job experience at the branch.  Each week of technical training should be followed by work experience at the branch level.  The Trainee’s education and the Branch’s work experiences will be closely aligned for maximum student learning and retention.


Program Curriculum

With KOMATSU being our core product at WPI, training will center around and cover the latest KOMATSU Developments:  Engines, Hydraulics, Powertrains, Electrical and Electronic Systems, Test Procedures and Diagnostic Tools.

The following is the list of courses that will be covered in the 12 month Program.  The Order of classes are subject to change, but all will be covered in the program year.

  • Trainee Program Introduction

  • Tier 4 Engine Specialist

  • Tier 4 Troubleshooting and Emission Expert Certification

  • Electrical Troubleshooting

  • Hydraulic Troubleshooting

  • Komatsu Service Institute, Machine Operation Training

  • MSHA New Miner and Mine Tour

  • Machine Model Specific: D31/37/39/51/61 HST Dozer

  • Machine Model Specific: D65/85 Dozer

  • Machine Model Specific: WA200/270/320 HST Wheel Loader

  • Machine Model Specific: WA380/470/500 Mid-Size Wheel Loader

  • Machine Model Specific: PC210/240/290/360/390/490 Excavators

Along with classes Trainee’s will also be scheduled to participate in ride alongs with Field Service Techs, PSSR’s, etc. to help gain knowledge of our industry and learn how to interact with customers.

Program Incentives

Trainee’s will be hired and classified as a Class C Technicians and will be offered the following Incentives.

  • WPI benefits including medical, dental and vision insurance, vacation, sick time, holiday pay and 401K.

  • Pay Scale: $18-20 an Hour to start.  Additional amounts will be considered if a trainee has acceptable technical work experience beyond his technical school experience.

  • Pay Increases: One pay increase of $0.50 per hour will be given every quarter for the year of this trainee program (4 pay increases totaling $2.00 per hour). Students must have passing grades on classroom test and have acceptable evaluations by instructors and by their branch Service Manager.

  • Promotion: At the conclusion of the 12 month Trainee Program, the Trainee will be promoted from a Class C tech to a Class B assuming all evaluations during the program are positive and acceptable.  It is the responsibility of the Service Manager to complete the evaluation and promotion process.  An additional pay increase may be given at the service manager’s discretion.  For example, many trainees will receive $1-$2 per hour bump upon graduation instead of the $0.50 increase for their fourth and final quarter.

  • Trainees will be able to qualify for $5000 in tuition reimbursement if they have attended an acceptable technical school (TSTC, UTI, etc.). The $5000 is paid over the first 2 years of employment.  First payout at 90 days for $1000, second at 6 months for $1000, third at 12 months for $1000, fourth at 18 months for $1000 and the fifth and final at 24 months for $1000.

    • If a trainee does not complete the program, terminate employment, or are removed from the trainee program due to a disciplinary action, all reimbursement will cease. If a trainee terminates employment on their own or is terminated by WPI for cause, the trainee will be responsible to return a prorated amount of the money they have received according to the total months they have worked.  A trainee is whole at the end of 24 months.

  • Corporate Credit Card: A corporate credit card will be provided to the Trainee to cover  expenses when traveling for training.  It is the responsibility of the Trainee to only use the Corp Card for company related expenses as laid out under Program Structure.

  • Tablet/ Laptop: A laptop or tablet will be provided to the Trainee to be utilized for day to day work activities as well as for training.


Required Tool List

Trainees are required to have certain tools on hand.  If assistance is needed to obtain the required tooling WPI offers a tool loan program.

Click Below To Download The Required Tool List

Tool List


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