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WPI Backs Every Piece Of Equipment With Exceptional Training

Part of WPI’s commitment to customer service includes providing training, education and factory certification programs. Training courses are available for the latest technologies in equipment, helping you protect your investment and improve productivity by giving your employees the skills they need to keep the job moving.

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Training With Worksite VR

Virtual reality simulators enhance equipment operator training; by training workers in a virtual world they can acquire the skills necessary to do their jobs in a safe environment.  Using a virtual environment for training is optimal for both operators and equipment a neither are put at risk. The VR simulator allows users to travel to another jobsite at any time by simply hitting a reset button, helping to decrease the overall cost of training. Three-dimensional modeling using computer game technology enables the creation of the virtual world. In order to properly familiarize workers with the potential job hazards, the VR world is designed to be a replica of actual sites on which the trainees will work. Various real-world elements such as sound, surface textures, shadows and construction equipment are included within the virtual environment to provide as realistic an experience as possible.

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