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WPI is proud to complement our selection of new equipment with an extensive array of used equipment that upholds our demanding standards of quality and reliability. WPI stocks the names you know and trust, and backs every piece of used equipment with the same dedicated and proactive customer service you’ll find behind new equipment.

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D152 <br>Serial Number D152000010 Request Pricing D152
Serial Number D152000010
396 Hours
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BW211 D-50<br>Serial Number 101586091093 Request Pricing BW211 D-50
Serial Number 101586091093
1,749 Hours
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D155AX-7 <br>Serial Number 90223 Request Pricing D155AX-7
Serial Number 90223
5,553 Hours
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XL 3200 III <br>Serial Number 3200000569 Request Pricing XL 3200 III
Serial Number 3200000569
867 Hours
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WA320-7 <br> Serial Number A36448 Request Pricing WA320-7
Serial Number A36448
4,622 Hours View Product Details
PC290LC-11 <br> Serial Number A27279 Request Pricing PC290LC-11
Serial Number A27279
2,613 Hours View Product Details
D51PXi-22 <br>Serial Number B13891 Request Pricing D51PXi-22
Serial Number B13891
5,162 Hours
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HM400-3 <br>Serial Number 3725 Request Pricing HM400-3
Serial Number 3725
8,970 Hours
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HM400-3 <br>Serial Number 3724 Request Pricing HM400-3
Serial Number 3724
9,049 Hours
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D37PX-23 <br>Serial Number 80170 Request Pricing D37PX-23
Serial Number 80170
 2,912 Hours
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Did you know... WPI offers Komatsu Certified Used Equipment

Each machine is field inspected to evaluate it against Komatsu’s high performance standards. WPI’s certified technicians perform complete diagnostic testing and make any necessary repairs. Each machine then undergoes a final inspection and can be further reconditioned and customized to meet your needs.  The Komatsu Distributor Certified label assures that you get the equipment you need, when you need it.  Komatsu ReMarketing delivers high quality, cost-effective equipment that meets your standards.

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