Competitive & Flexible Financing Options

WPI Puts Powerful Financing Options In Your Hands, To Put The Equipment You Need On The Job.

WPI Line of Credit

WPI lines of credit are a convenient option that allows you to be invoiced, versus requiring immediate payment to take delivery.
  • No Interest
  • Balance Due Within 30 Days

Credit Application

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Third-Party Financing

With third-party financing, your application goes to a WPI finance manager, who works with an outside financing company to secure your loan. Terms usually last between 12 and 60 months.
Financing and Credit Options
  • Minimal Down Payment
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Seasonal Skip Payments
  • Balloon Payments
  • Extended Payment Terms
  • Delayed First Payments

Third-party financing also includes a leasing option, which offers a different set of advantages:

  • No Money Mown
  • Only Make One Or Two Payments At The Lease Inception
  • Lower Monthly Payments Than An Installment Contract
  • Possible Tax Advantages
  • Use Of Newer Equipment To Reduce Maintenance Costs