Want to fix most of your equipment’s operating costs?

Komatsu CARE PLUS II includes all the maintenance coverage and benefits outlined in Komatsu CARE PLUS, as well as equipment repairs. Our comprehensive coverage will keep your equipment running longer and avoid any financial surprises related to unexpected repairs. Our factory trained technicians are supported by Komatsu product specialist in timely diagnosing your equipment and assuring the right repair is done the first time using only Komatsu Genuine Parts.

Enjoy the competitive pricing of bundling your maintenance and repair agreements with Komatsu CARE PLUS II, all the while having the option to finance your program through Komatsu Finance’s special rates and terms. Lower your operating costs, minimize your downtime, and secure the longevity of your equipment- Komatsu CARE PLUS & Komatsu CARE PLUS II are transferrable with the machine.