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Komatsu Reman

Komatsu is committed to reducing the owning and operating (O&O) costs of your Komatsu machine by delivering high-quality and competitively priced products. For those who demand the most reliable replacement components available, we offer a full line of remanufactured components.

Komatsu Reman Components Available


Remanufactured to Factory Specifications

Komatsu offers multiple engine options to match the condition of your machine and your current situation. Critical engine upgrades are installed along with the new bearings, seals, gaskets, pistons, piston rings, and O-rings.


Industry Leading Durability

Komatsu’s unique transmission / torqueflow designs deliver industry leading responsiveness, speed, and durability. Your Komatsu remanufactured transmission / torqueflow will perform “like-new” to meet the performance requirements for your Komatsu machine. Seals, O-rings, bearings, and other critical components are replaced with new Komatsu parts.

Power Modules

Unrivaled Power Train Performance

The Komatsu Reman power module is built to deliver factory specification power train performance. This specialized remanufactured component will achieve the speed, braking and responsiveness requirements on your Komatsu machine. Critical components like seals, O-rings and bearings are replaced with new Komatsu parts.

Final Drives And Differentials

Performance in Your Most Challenging Conditions

The Komatsu final drive and differential performs a crucial function within Komatsu’s unique power train system. These specialized remanufactured components efficiently convert torque to traction, allowing your Komatsu machine to travel under the most challenging ground conditions encountered on the job site. Seals, gaskets, bearings and O-rings are replaced with new Komatsu parts.

Hydraulic Cylinders and Component Cylinders

Specialized Cylinder Remanufacturing

Komatsu offers multiple cylinder reman options to match the needs of your machine and your current situation: exchange the complete cylinder assembly for a fast turn-around; or choose to exchange the cylinder rod or cylinder barrel as an even lower cost alternative. Hydraulic cylinders are disassembled and fully inspected. Rods, barrels and cylinder assemblies are then remanufactured to current Komatsu specifications. All wear and sealing items are replaced with new parts. Once assembled, cylinders are functionally tested on factory specified equipment.

Pumps and Motors

Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

Komatsu hydraulic pumps and motors are remanufactured in a positive air-pressure and temperature-controlled, clean-room environment in order to meet strict cleanliness requirements. These specialized remanufactured components perform at extremely tight Komatsu engineering tolerances and high operating pressures and will deliver performance and reliability equal to the original components.


Remanufactured Cards, Panels and Electronic Components

Komatsu remanufactured electronic components are produced under full laboratory conditions with sealed entry/ exit doors, controlled air temperature and pressure, anti-static floors and workbenches. Robotic technology is utilized for circuit and component diagnosis and precision welding. The remanufactured electronic components are then tested on simulators which reproduce the functions of real Komatsu machines.

Fuel Injection Components

Advanced Fuel Technology

Komatsu Reman fuel injection components are assembled by factory trained technicians, calibrated to match original factory specifications and tested to ensure same as new performance.


Optimized Performance for Your Komatsu Machine

Remanufactured in a clean-room environment.  Komatsu’s advanced turbocharger technology is designed into every component.

Starters And Alternators

Genuine Components

A broad range of genuine Komatsu electrical components is functionally tested on factory specification equipment.

Air Compressors

Air Compressors

Komatsu Reman air compressors deliver the operating pressure necessary for the efficient function of the machine’s braking system. In order to deliver “as-new” performance, all rubber parts, seals, gaskets and washers are replaced.


Efficient Braking Performance

Komatsu wet and dry brake assemblies are remanufactured to perform under the most challenging operating conditions and will deliver stopping power equal to the original components.

Reman Benefits

Engineering Excellence

Behind every Komatsu remanufactured product is a global team of Komatsu remanufacturing, design, and salvage engineers dedicated to building high quality, high performance remanufactured components. With the support of Komatsu’s global design and manufacturing organization, we can ensure that every remanufactured product is built to Komatsu’s unique global engineering specifications and will provide like-new performance for your Komatsu machine.

Quality and Reliability

Using the Komatsu original equipment specifications, assembly processes and test procedures means that Komatsu can provide a remanufactured product that you can trust to match the performance and quality of an equivalent new part.

Competitive Pricing

By re-using and salvaging components, saving natural resources and reducing waste, Komatsu is able to provide a remanufactured product with all the Komatsu design features and benefits at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent new part. The competitive pricing of Komatsu remanufactured products ensures the cost-competitive operation of your Komatsu machine.

Disassembly, Cleaning and Inspection

All Komatsu core components are fully disassembled and thoroughly cleaned to strict Komatsu cleanliness standards. Components are then inspected against strict Komatsu engineering specifications, undergo magnetic particle or dye penetrant inspection, and are measured according to Komatsu re-usability specifications using Komatsu factory approved and calibrated measuring devices.

Once inspected, components undergo a complete remanufacturing and salvage process which can include robot-controlled precision welding, metal spraying, laser claddying, electro-plating, grinding, machining, polishing, precision sleeving, and boring. Individual parts are upgraded to include critical design and performance improvements.

Component Assembly

Assembly is performed at modular workstations by teams of dedicated technicians who are trained experts for each type of Reman component. Utilizing specialized tooling and assembly fixtures designed by Komatsu factory engineers the teams are able to assemble, test, install, align, and adjust each specific component to match original factory production methods and specifications.

Testing, Adjustment, and Calibration

The completed components are then installed on Komatsu factory specification test stands or dynamometers. Model specific settings and adjustments are made to the components, which then undergo performance tests to unique Komatsu factory specifications; tests designed to replicate the various operating conditions encountered by your Komatsu machine.

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