Are you landscaping, digging holes or trenches, lifting or placing large objects, demolishing structures? One of the most valuable pieces of equipment on a construction site is an excavator and we have the equipment you need.  Small to large with machines from manufacturers Komatsu, Takeuchi and Gradall we are here to help.

Komatsu Excavators


Operating Weight 1,855 lbs
Horsepower 15 hp
Bucket Capacity 0.1 yard


Operating Weight 10,737 lbs
Horsepower 38 @ 2400 rpm
Bucket Capacity 0.07-0.21 yards


Operating Weight 34,563 lbs
Horsepower 97.2 @ 2050 rpm
Bucket Capacity 0.34-1 yards


Operating Weight 38,720 lbs
Horsepower 121 @ 2100 rpm
Bucket Capacity 0.48-1.24 yards


Operating Weight50,706 lbs
Horsepower165@ 2000 rpm
Bucket Capacity0.66-1.57 yards


Operating Weight54,230 lbs
Horsepower165 @ 2000 rpm
Bucket Capacity0.66-1.57 yards


Operating Weight55,763 lbs
Horsepower177 @ 2000 rpm
Bucket Capacity0.76-1.85 yards


Operating Weight70,702 lbs
Horsepower196 @ 2050 rpm
Bucket Capacity0.76-2.13 yards


Operating Weight78,645lbs
Horsepower257 @ 1950 rpm
Bucket Capacity0.89-2.56 yards

Some Intelligent Machines Available

PC490LC-10 and PC490LC-11

Operating Weight105,670 lbs
Horsepower359 @ 1900 rpm
Bucket Capacity1.47-4.15 yards


Operating Weight140,456 lbs
Horsepower436 @ 1800 rpm
Bucket Capacity2.05-4.98 yards

Takeuchi Excavators


Operating Weight12,450 lbs
Horsepower15 @ 2400 rpm
Arm Length5’9″


Operating Weight3,900 lbs
Horsepower15 @ 2400 rpm
Arm Length3 ft 8.5 inches


Operating Weight6,393 lbs
Horsepower17.5 @ 2400 rpm
Arm Length4’1.0″


Operating Weight6,360 lbs
Horsepower24.4 @ 2400 rpm
Arm Length4’9″


Operating Weight7,418 lbs
Horsepower24.4 @ 2400 rpm
Arm Length4’9″


Operating Weight8,990 lbs
Horsepower35.8 @ 2400 rpm
Arm Length5’3″

TB260CR and TB260R

Operating Weight12,645 lbs
Horsepower47.6 @ 2400 rpm
Arm Length5’10”

TB280FRC and TB280FRR

Operating Weight18,810 lbs
Horsepower69.2 @ 2400 rpm
Arm Length6’7″

TB260CR and TB260R

Operating Weight19,145 lbs
Horsepower69.2 @ 2400 rpm
Arm Length7’0″

Gradall Excavators

D152 – Crossover Highway Excavator

Operating Weight32,200 lbs
Horsepower220 @ 2300 rpm
Arm Length10’3″

XL3100 V – Highway Speed Wheeled Excavator

Operating Weight40,930 lbs
Horsepower215 @ 2300 rpm
Arm Length27’6″

XL3200 V – Crawler Excavator

Operating Weight39,240 lbs
Horsepower172 @ 2000 rpm
Arm Length19’2″

XL4100 V – Highway Speed Wheeled Excavator

Operating Weight49,684 lbs
Horsepower248 @ 2200 rpm
Arm Length12’6″

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    Waukesha-Pearce Industries, Inc. has a two-tiered insurance policy. To be eligible to rent equipment the customer must provide a certificate of insurance showing a minimum of $1,000,000 general liability coverage. The second criteria pertains to physical damage coverage for the machine being rented. All customers renting equipment from Waukesha-Pearce Industries, Inc. are required to provide physical damage insurance or accept the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW). Any customer not providing a proof of insurance satisfying the criteria, will be charged an amount for the LDW equal to 10% of the gross rental amount.

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