Track Loaders & Skid Steers

When you need a compact track loader or skid steer we have the small equipment you need.

Takeuchi Track Loaders


Operating Weight 7,485 lbs
Horsepower 65.2 @ 2700 rpm
Travel Speed 4.3 – 6.2 mph


Operating Weight 9,182 lbs
Horsepower 74.3 @ 2600 rpm
Travel Speed 4.7 – 7.0 mph

TL10CR, TL10R and TL10VCRH

Operating Weight 9,950 lbs
Horsepower 74.3 @ 2600 hp
Travel Speed 4.8 – 7.0 mph

TL12CR and TL12R

Operating Weight 12,300 lbs
Horsepower 111 @ 2400 rpm
Travel Speed 5.0 – 7.3 mph

Takeuchi Skid Steers


Operating Weight6,981 lbs
Horsepower50 @ 2800 rpm
Travel Speed8.2 mph

TS60RR and TS60VR

Operating Weight6,986 lbs
Horsepower60 @ 2800 rpm
Travel Speed8.2 mph


Operating Weight7,450 lbs
Horsepower74 @ 2500 rpm
Travel Speed8.5 – 12 mph


Operating Weight7,950 lbs
Horsepower74 @ 2600 rpm
Travel Speed8.2  – 11mph

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    Waukesha-Pearce Industries, Inc. has a two-tiered insurance policy. To be eligible to rent equipment the customer must provide a certificate of insurance showing a minimum of $1,000,000 general liability coverage. The second criteria pertains to physical damage coverage for the machine being rented. All customers renting equipment from Waukesha-Pearce Industries, Inc. are required to provide physical damage insurance or accept the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW). Any customer not providing a proof of insurance satisfying the criteria, will be charged an amount for the LDW equal to 10% of the gross rental amount.

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