Wheel Loaders And Trucks

Are you loading asphalt, demolition debris, dirt,  gravel, logs, raw minerals, recycled material, rock, or sand, we have the loaders and trucks to keep your job moving.

Komatsu Wheel Loaders


Operating Weight 25,827 lbs
Horsepower 126 @ 2000 hp
Bucket Capacity 2.6 – 3.1 yard

WA270-7 and WA270-8

Operating Weight 28,208 lbs
Horsepower 149 @ 2000 rpm
Bucket Capacity 2.5-3.5 yards


Operating Weight 34,128 lbs
Horsepower 165 @ 2100 rpm
Bucket Capacity 3 – 4.2 yards


Operating Weight 40,532 lbs
Horsepower 191 @ 2100 rpm
Bucket Capacity 3.5 – 4.3 yards


Operating Weight53,352 lbs
Horsepower272 @ 2000 rpm
Bucket Capacity5 – 5.8 yards

WA500-7 and WA500-8

Operating Weight80,647 lbs
Horsepower353 @ 1900 rpm
Bucket Capacity8.2 – 9.8 yards


Operating Weight122,136 lbs
Horsepower529 @ 1800 rpm
Bucket Capacity8.4 – 10.2 yards

Takeuchi Wheel Loaders


Operating Weight7,275 lbs
Horsepower39.4 @ 2800 rpm
Travel Speed4 – 12 mph


Operating Weight11,354 lbs
Horsepower73 @ 2200 rpm
Travel Speed4 – 12 mph


Operating Weight12,700 lbs
Horsepower73 @ 2200 rpm
Travel Speed4 – 12 mph

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